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Books about Cromford, and books with references to Cromford.



  Alison Uttley: The Life of a
  Country Child

  Denis Judd
  (Michael Joseph, 1986)

The authorised life of writer Alison Uttley. Born Alice Taylor at Castle Top Farm in 1884, Alison Uttley was a successful author of children's books and wrote about her idyllic childhood in Cromford. But her later life contained personal tragedy and unhappiness.

  The Private Diaries of
  Alison Uttley - 1932-1971

  Ed by Denis Judd
  (Pen & Sword, 2009)
  Now out in paperback:
  (Pub: Remember When, 2011)

Alison Uttley spent over 40 years writing her diaries. They show a different and sometimes dark side to her character, revealing her difficult family relationships, and her bitchy remarks about her illustrators and fellow writers. But she also writes about nature and the changing seasons, reflecting much of her adult writing.

  Around Cromford Dam
  Eddie Allsop
  (Scarthin Books, 2005)
Growing up in Scarthin and Cromford between the Wars.
The author was born in Scarthin House in 1918 and describes life in the 1920s.

  Cromford - a History
  Peter Naylor
  (Watnay Publishing, 2001 - new
A comprehensive illustrated history of Cromford.
Available from the publisher for 6.00 post free.
Cheques only please, payable to Watnay Publishing, 24 Castle View Drive, Cromford, DE4 3RL. Tel: 01629 822037
Copies may be signed with message of your choice.

  The Cromford Canal
  Hugh Potter
  (Tempus Publishing Ltd., 2003)
This 128-page book contains a wealth of pictures showing the canal from its earliest days up to about 1989 - a "must read" for anyone with an interest in the Canal.

  The Cromford Guide
  Freda Bayles & Janet Ede
  (Scarthin Books, 1994)
Four easy to follow walks around Cromford with maps, illustrations and loads of facts.

  Echoes of the Dales
  Ron Duggins
  (Landmark Publishing Ltd)
Photographs of events, people & places in the 1950s in & around Matlock, including a section on Cromford, from the Matlock Mercury.

  Memories of Cromford
  Compiled and published by the
  Women's Institute
"A Derbyshire Village seen through the eyes of its people.
1900 - 2000"

  A Walker's Guide to the
  Cromford Canal

  Michael Harrison & Valerie Roberts
  (Friends of the Cromford Canal,
A description of the canal from Langley Mill to Cromford Wharf, including the branches to Pinxton and Leawood.
Plenty of photographs and history.

  The World of Alison Uttley
  Elizabeth Saintsbury
  (Howard Baker Press Ltd, 1980)
A biography of a loved children's author and writer on country ways who was born at Castle Top Farm, Cromford.

  Our Village - Alison Uttley's

  (Scarthin Books, Cromford, 1984)
A collection of essays from eight of Alison Uttley's books about her childhood in Cromford, most of which are now out of print.

  Scavenger Boy
  Theresa Tomlinson
  (Walker Books Ltd, 2003)
A Time-slip adventure for children. Michael buys a wooden bobbin in Cromford. He is whirled back in time to 1781, working as a scavenger boy at Arkwright's mill ...

  Eric and Deric Daring
  E V Pearson
  (Arthur J Stockwell, 1924)

Stories about the adventures of two little boys in a lightly disguised Cromford. Now out of print, there is a reference copy in the Local Studies Library, Matlock.



  The Arkwrights - Spinners of

  R S Fitton
  (Manchester Univ Press, 1989)

A biography of Sir Richard Arkwright "the father of the Industrial Revolution", describing his inventions and his legacy. Covers the life of his son Richard Junior, and the rise of his grandchildren to the ranks of the landed gentry.

  Arkwright of Cromford
  John N Merrill
  (JNM Publications, 1986)
A concise book detailing the life story and work of Sir Richard Arkwright. Includes a 3 mile walk around the historic sites of Cromford.

  Champagne and Shambles -
  The Arkwrights and the Downfall
  of the Landed Aristocracy
  Catherine Beale
  (Sutton Publishing Ltd, 2006)
  (The History Press, 2009,
The story of Johnny Arkwright, (1833-1905) great grandson of Sir Richard and inheritor of Hampton Court in Herefordshire.
A colourful character, Johnny lived a life of ease thanks to his hard working ancestors, but changes to the land owning classes were on the horizon.

  Cotton Arkwright
  Margaret Arkwright
  (John Sherratt and Son Ltd, 1971)

A novel based on the life of Sir Richard Arkwright, with some little- known aspects of his private life.


  A History of Derbyshire. Joy Childs  (Phillimore, 1987)
  A History of the Laws and Customs of the Derbyshire Lead Mines.  J H Rieuwerts
  A Textile Community in the Industrial Revolution.  E G Power  (Longman, 1969)
  A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain.  Daniel Defoe  (First published 1724-6)
  Derbyshire Detail & Character.  B Joyce, G Michell, M Williams  (Sutton Publishing, 1996)
  Derbyshire Industrial Archaeology, Part IV, Derbyshire Dales.  Dudley Fowkes (Derbyshire
  Archaeological Society, 1997)

  Derbyshire in Prehistoric Times.  John Merrill

  Images of England - Peak District Mining & Quarrying.  L Willies & H Parker  (1999)
  Industrial Archaeology in Britain.  R A Buchanan  (Book Club Associates, 1974)
  Lead Mining in the Peak District.  Peak District Mines Historical Society. (First published 1968)
  Non Conformity in Wirksworth.  Stephen Orchard (Pub 2000)
  Peakland Roads and Trackways.   A E & E M Dodd  (Landmark Publishing, 2000 Revised edition.)
  Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire 1835.  (Published in facsimile by Derbys
  County Council, 1976)

  Poems of Peak and Dale. Alan Robinson (Athena Press, 2002)

  Railways of the High Peak - Onwards to Cromford & High Peak Junction  N Jones & J M Bentley
  (Foxline, 2001)

  Roman Derbyshire.  John J Anderson (Pub 2000)
  The Free and Voluntary Present 1661 Derbyshire.  Transcribed by David Clay (Derbys Family
  History Society, 1992)

  The Railway from Buxton to Bakewell, Matlock & Ambergate.  J M Bentley (Foxline, 1989)
  The Twelve Parts of Derbyshire.  Edward Boaden Thomas (Pub Derbyshire County Council, 1988)
  Available from Scarthin Books.

  Through Limestone Hills.  Bill Hudson  (Oxford Publishing Co, 1998 Third impression)
  Travellers in Derbyshire.  Comp by Marian Johnson (Derby Lonsdale College Resource Book, 1980)

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